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Take me there par Nancy Carnovale
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Hey you boy,don't just stand there
I've been looking around
Just searching all around
so honey,look at me and listen carefully
'cause it is you I found
And oh boy,what a joy
Take my hand and come with me
Baby show me if you got what it takes
You've got the night,until the morning light
To make me feel like no one has before


Come on baby
Just set me free
Touch me here
Touch me there
I want to fly
With you so high
Make love to me
Just anywhere and set me free baby

Tonight is good,the moon is bright
The win is soft upon my skin
Get in the mood and don't be shy
Nobody's here just you and I
We could lay here under the stars
So get closer,much more closer
I'm telling you,that's much better
Now is the time,the perfect time
Feel my body and take me there
Like no one has before


Boy,this is good,it feels so right
The way you move,thats the right groove
Don't stop just yet,let's make it last
The night is young,let's make a song
And please feel free to bring me there
Just bring me where there's fantasy
Just bring me where there's extacy
The only place I want to go
That's right baby,I told you so
So let's do it
Let's go


Nancy Carnovale

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take me there nancy carnovale and oh boy,what a joy

take me there nancy carnovale and oh boy,what a joy

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