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ROAD MOVIE par Nancy Carnovale

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Restless on an empty road
Wanting something new to try
Looking in each others eyes
Agreed to go on a crazy drive
As if running from the law
He floored it,in his souped up ride
Oh what a trill good for miles and miles
The adrenaline rising up and high


They were the stars of a road movie
Nothing like you see on T.V
With a pledge,to live on the edge
They dared to shock and rock'n roll


The freedom of an open script
He gambled,his chips away
Carefree,she agreed to strip
To pay for a place to stay
She was the sexy starlet
And he was tougher then the rest
To her,he was not a treat
He knew that but he liked to bet


You know....
I can make you sweat....
With my bareskin
Right here....
In this open field....
All you have to say
Is yes.

Une musique écrite par Kamel existe pour ces paroles.

Nancy Carnovale

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ROAD MOVIE Nancy Carnovale

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