That little heritage of jazz.. par Cévéo
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Thème: Langue anglaise --- Musique imposée: OUI / Music imposed: YES

Lyrics for a song
By Cévéo (pen name)
Music by Darren Parkland (Artist name)

(SABAM registration N455611600 - Class 5 - Brussels, Belgium)

At twenty years, after my teens,
I loved the styles of New Orleans.
To me there was no sweeter thing
than music that had beat and swing...

When I met her, at twenty-one,
she told me that to be her man
I had to learn the latest jive,
to have a ball and come alive...


I do not play the trumpet, the guitar.
(or: I play no trumpet, no guitar.)
It does not make me, make me a great star,
but I love music when it has
that note blue, that air of jazz...

I’m not, I’m not Sinatra when I sing,
am not, am not Gene Kelly when I swing,
but I love music, music when it has
that soul so true, that spark of jazz...

When she left me, at twenty-two,
I was convinced my life was through.
But Jesus told me I was wrong,
that there was love in gospel song...

At twenty-three, on terms she made,
my girl came back to turn my fate.
We jitterbugged, we fancied rock,
we danced all night around the clock...

Refrain same as above:

At thirty-four through fifty-five
when I took out my kids and wife,
we danced for fun - you would have sworn
a bunch of Saints marched into town...

At sixty-six, my hair now grey,
the Beetles seem so far away,
my feet still dance, they tap the rap
with my grandchildren on my lap...

Refrain same as above:


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that little heritage of jazz.. cévéo by cévéo (pen name)

that little heritage of jazz.. cévéo by cévéo (pen name)

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