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They're saying that my JImmy.. par Cévéo
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They’re saying that my Jimmy...

Thème: Langue anglaise --- Musique imposée: OUI / Music imposed:YES

Lyrics for a song (female singer - ‘Far West’ or ‘Folk’ style)
By Cévéo (Pen name)
Music by Darren Parkland (artist name)
(SABAM registration N663718500 - Class 5 - Brussels, Belgium)

They’re saying that my Jimmy is not a gentleman,
he’s known to frighten ladies as often as he can.
But I deny it as a lie: he simply dyed his beard,
in green and purple colors, to make himself look weird.

They’re telling that my Jimmy is branded as a thief
who stole his grannies’ savings, much to his parents’ grief.
But I deny it as a lie: they’re only mustard jars
with bottle caps and wrappers of sticky candy bars.


My Jimmy came from Waterloo,
they call him Waterloony.
All hate his wits, his manners too;
- he has no pal, no crony.
But I love him! He is my man,
my top-hat and my superman,
my Latin lover, movie star,
and hottest stuff by far...
by far...

They’re claiming that my Jimmy was active as a spy
who stalked someone in power, so said the FBI.
But I deny it as a lie; it was - such has been shown -
to catch him with his business pants and his suspenders down.

They’re writing that my Jimmy once did seduce a nun,
put her to work in Vegas while he was having fun.
But I deny it as a lie; she was - to make it clear -
an old and former bunny and playmate of the year.

Repeat refrain :

It’s rumored that my Jimmy has made of me a tramp,
he’s keeping as his booty entangled in his swamp.
But I deny it as a lie; he is - now listen all! -
the finest guy on earth with whom to have a ball...

Repeat refrain :


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they're saying that my jimmy.. cévéo by cévéo (pen name)

they're saying that my jimmy.. cévéo by cévéo (pen name)

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