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Lolly Cash par Philippe Bailly
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The only creator
Of the eternal strife
That’s Him, my only boss
I glorify His power
And swear that all my life
I’ll praise the Holy Gloss
Gold bless you, my brother
And before you say knife
That’s it you win the toss
More friendship than ever
A starlet as your wife
And cash in Barbados
Sailing in His light
Always on His right
Seven sundays in a week
On the seven seas of shriek (reek)
He’s my Lord, my fight
I’m His Sword, His knight
That’s Him, my sense seven
My Heaven

Make a dash
For Lolly Cash
Make a splash
Have a bash
At Lolly Cash
The rest is trash

No need to be clever
For honours afterlife
Donation is my cross
The day I’ll pass over
Charity and Highlife
Will say it’s a great loss
Walking by His side
Following my guide
I’ll get the seven virgins
Or seven thousands sins
Glory and delight
Splendour at its height
I’ll get to floor seven
In Heaven

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Philippe Bailly

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lolly cash philippe bailly i’ll praise the holy gloss

lolly cash philippe bailly i’ll praise the holy gloss

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