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The Burger Ballad par Philippe Bailly
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The first time I tried it
I knew it was the one
I had seen so many times
On the yellowing picture
Stuck on the greasy window
Of this little fast-food restaurant
Still wet behind the ears
Out of sheer curiosity
I got into the quiet place
To take shelter from the rain
And why not, have a small bite
Of this appetizing juicy burger
The waiter had a grin
As he turned his fatty face
Then oddly smiling in reply
To the question I had asked
He looked me straight in the eye
And suddenly broke into this tune:

When you’re down
Think it over
When you’re broke
Think it over
Wild Burger
We call it wild burger
When you reach the end of your tether
It’s a question of weather

I clearly remember
It was a rotten summer
The colour of the houses
Had been fully washed away
By the hails of sticky rain
The restless sky had puked in anger
I took up the challenge
Braving the waiter’s warning
And stuffed my starving belly
With some of these burgers
But then as if by magic
I briskly stroke up in this tune:

We sang along for hours
That same stupid burden
At the top of our voices
Incapable of stopping
Till when the rain ceased
The spell strangely lifted
I ran away from there
Like there was no tommorrow
Wadind through the quagmire
The sky had caused into the town
I had to find better climate
For my disease no one could cure
So when the rain was hammering
I had to break into this tune:

Philippe Bailly

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the burger ballad philippe bailly of this little fast-food restaurant

the burger ballad philippe bailly of this little fast-food restaurant

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